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Life Makeover for the Year 2008 (sm) Archives

Week 1 The Hat Adventure: Reawaken your passion in 2008
Week 2 Signs & Symbols: Honoring what you love
Week 3 Creative Needs: How to get them met
Week 4 Sacred & Simple: Living with space
Week 5 Gratitude and Attraction: Using the power of attraction
Week 6 In Preparation: Turn pain into opportunity
Week 7 Forgive Yourself: The key to healing your life
Week 8 Integrity: The art of right alignment
Week 9 On Your Own: Living life on your terms
Week 10 Let Go: How to survive a dry spell
Week 11 The Experiment: Discovering what you already know
Week 12 The Messenger: Just what you needed to hear
Week 13 Clean Up Week: Time for a little spring cleaning
Week 14 Small Pleasures: Little things that bring us joy
Week 15 My Accomplishments: A new kind of insurance
Week 16 Black Sheep: Dare to be different
Week 17 The Power of Perspective: Seeing with new eyes
Week 18 Moving On: What to do when a relationship ends
Week 19 Lessons of Loss: What death teaches us about life
Week 20 Graduation: Lessons for moving through life
Week 21 Embrace Easy: How to transform hard
Week 22 Vacation: Taking a break
Week 23 Resourcefulness: The true secret of success
Week 24 Memory Lane: A trip into the past
Week 25 Enough Already: Create a drama free zone
Week 26 Life Review: Let’s see how you’re doing
Week 27 Time Savers: Using shortcuts to enjoy life
Week 28 The Steward: Protecting your piece of home
Week 29 Summer Fun: Making memories count
Week 30 Energizing Thoughts: Put your energy to good use
Week 31 Move Forward: Three strategies for getting unstuck
Week 32 Saving Lives: What you need to know
Week 33 Take the Plunge: Move past fear to joy
Week 34 Facing Reality: If this were your last hour
Week 35 Saying Goodbye: The art of letting go
Week 36 Reclaim the Feminine: Pay homage to your inner life
Week 37 The Remembrance Ritual: Time for a change
Week 38 Global Sanity: Understanding the Origin of Peace
Week 39 Don’t Panic: From bailout to breakthrough
Week 40 Iron Jawed Angels: Exercise Your Right to Vote
Week 41 Dow Jones: Creating a new “spiritual” barometer
Week 42 Economy of Thought: How to create new wealth
Week 43 Speak Up: Are you tolerating bad behavior?
Week 44 Trust in You: A self-confidence booster
Week 45 Rise Up: How to handle the great divide
Week 46 The Ritual: A powerful way to change your life
Week 47 Adventure Goals: Learning to surf
Week 48 No More Gift Buying: A fun way to share some joy
Week 49 The Second Experiment: Getting to know you
Week 50 The Art of Extreme Self Care: The Introduction
Week 51 Happy Holidays: Important news for next year
Week 52 Bon Voyage: Saying goodbye to 2008