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Life Makeover for the Year 2010 (sm) Archives

Week 1 Theme for 2010: Get motivated & inspired!
Week 2 Get It Done: Move when the energy moves you
Week 3 Global Support: Ending helplessness
Week 4 Uncertainty: Finding peace within a storm
Week 5 Creative Expression: Give someone a break
Week 6 End Procrastination: How to follow through
Week 7 The Pleasure Path: Turn yourself back on
Week 8 Move Forward: Three ways to get unstuck
Week 9 Acceptance: Learn to go with the flow
Week 10 Embrace Conflict: Hold the tension of the opposites
Week 11 Energizing Thoughts: Put your energy to good use
Week 12 Stick to It: Learn the art of persistence
Week 13 Own Your Power: Challenge your fear of success
Week 14 Spring Cleaning: Make room for something new
Week 15 Buttons Pushed: What to do when you’re feeling crazy
Week 16 Realignment: Find the one action that does it all
Week 17 Movers & Shakers: Messages to change you and the world
Week 18 Let Go: How to handle a dry spell
Week 19 Self-Care Club: Ten things every member should know
Week 20 Website Upgrade: Check out our new site
Week 21 Affirm Your Life: Get into the driver’s seat
Week 22 Doors Opening: Self-love strategies that work
Week 23 The Outsider: Celebrate your uniqueness
Week 24 Life Reform: A new prescription for health
Week 25 New Rules: Whose messages are you listening to?
Week 26 Soul Treats: Are you giving yourself enough?
Week 27 The Graduate: Lessons to live by
Week 28 Solution-Focused: Put your energy to good use
Week 29 Ending the War: Food as a doorway to your Self
Week 30 Food for Thought: More on food as a doorway
Week 31 Tiny Treats: The secret to a good life
Week 32 My Daily Affirmation Cards: Making good things come to life
Week 33 Finding Work: Three ideas to earn income
Week 34 The Power of Perspective: See with new eyes
Week 35 Life Review: What’s new and good in your life?
Week 36 Financial Self-Esteem: Raise the bar
Week 37 Life Preserver: How to save someone
Week 38 Stay Awake: Are you missing your life?
Week 39 In Preparation: Turn pain into opportunity
Week 40 Embrace Easy: Letting go of hard
Week 41 Spontaneous Wisdom: 10/10/10 lists that make life better
Week 42 Vinegar and Toothpicks: Practical tips to make life better.
Week 43 Notice Where You Are: How to stop rushing through life
Week 44 Aging Parents: How to keep the love alive
Week 45 Words of Comfort: A loving reminder of truth
Week 46 Economy of Thought: How to create new wealth
Week 47 Inner Gratefulness: Finding more to love
Week 48 Stake Your Claim: What if it is this easy?
Week 49 Purposeful Problems
Week 50 Really Good Self Care: Holiday wisdom from friends
Week 51 Happy Holidays: Wishes for a great end to 2010
Week 52 You Time: Goodbye to 2010!