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Life Makeover for the Year 2012 (sm) Archives

Week 1 Celebrate Life: Make the rest of your life the best of your life
Week 2 Stick To It: Making changes with loving-kindness
Week 3 Signs of Life: Be gentle as you grow
Week 4 Get Inspired: Put an inspiration funnel in place
Week 5 The Wisdom of Menopause: Honoring Dr. Chris Northrup
Week 6 Clean Up Week: Make space for something great
Week 7 Valentine Love: Let others know they matter
Week 8 Moments: Unexpected pleasures of life
Week 9 More Moments: Lessons from everyday life
Week 10 Preconceived Expectations: My trip to the Registry of Motor Vehicles
Week 11 Embrace Conflict: Hold the tension of the opposites
Week 12 Dying to Be Me: An extraordinary near-death experience.
Week 13 Saying Goodbye: Learning to let go
Week 14 Love Lives On: A story of afterlife
Week 15 Beautiful Black Sheep: Dare to be different
Week 16 Mirror Neurons: Touching others in a conscious way
Week 17 Space Making: Take the springtime challenge
Let Me Disappoint You: The Art of Extreme Self Care
Week 18 The Tapping Summit: A healing technique that could change your life
You’re So Sensitive: The Art of Extreme Self Care
Week 19 True Security: Make deposits that count
Take Your Hands Off the Wheel: The Art of Extreme Self Care
Week 20 Mothering Message: A loving reminder of truth
Does That Anger Taste Good?: The Art of Extreme Self Care
Week 21 New Beliefs: Positive, Powerful, Permanent
Week 22 Remembrance: What death teaches us about life
Week 23 Reclaim the Feminine: Pay homage to your inner life
Week 24 Move Me: Share your soul with others
Week 25 Memory Lane: What the past has to teach us about the present
Week 26 Life Review: Inventory your success
Week 27 Nora Ephron’s List: What would you miss?
Week 28 Divine Support: Ask for signs of grace
Week 29 Watch Your Words: Change the way you speak and your whole life will change
Week 30 So Sensitive: Are you tired of sucking it up?
Week 31 Listen & Learn: A new way to share the healing power of music.
Week 32 Global Sanity: Understanding the Origin of Peace
Week 33 Body Talk: What’s your body telling you?
Week 34 Sacred Simplicity: Living with space
Week 35 Energizing Thoughts: Put your energy to good use
Week 36 New Voices: Become a safe haven
Week 37 Take Heart: Finding hope in unusual places
Week 38 Believe in Your Desires: Ask for what you want
Week 39 A Fun Exercise: Making a 10/10/10 list
Week 40 Enough Already: Create a Drama Free Zone
Week 41 Birthing the New: Make space for what’s next
Week 42 My Accomplishments: A self-confidence booster
Week 43 The Power of Touch: Are you sharing the love?
Week 44 Replay Due to Storm
Week 45 Iron Jawed Angels: Exercise Your Right to Vote
Week 46 Cover Your Assets: Put your mind to rest
Week 47 The Thank You Game: Share the wealth
Week 48 Holiday Help: Planning for a good time
Week 49 The Right Question: One simple self-care tip to change your life
Week 50 Sensitive Soul: You are never alone
Week 51 Universal Truths: Inspiring peace of mind
Week 52 Holiday Message: My favorite advice for enjoying the next few weeks.