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Life Makeover for the Year 2013 (sm) Archives

Week 1 One Resolution: Here’s the only thing you need to do to start the New Year
Week 2 Downtime: The productivity of doing nothing
Week 3 Little Things: In pursuit of pleasure
Week 4 Miraval Magic: Wisdom for a better life
Week 5 Tap On Your Troubles: Learn a technique that can change your life in minutes
Week 6 Tap On Your Troubles: Learn a technique that can change your life in minutes
Week 7 A Time for Change: Support for the birth process
Week 8 Overcome Obstacles: Navigate around roadblocks first
Week 9 Debbie Ford: Finding the light in the darkness
Week 10 Love Lives On: A story of afterlife
Week 11 Sensual Living: Ignite your senses and feel good
Week 12 Hibernation: How to handle the wintertime of life
Week 13 Step Away From the Keyboard: Why reacting is the last thing you should do
Week 14 Divine Signs: Building faith one miracle at a time
Week 15 Lose Your Self-Consciousness: How to express your creative potential
Week 16 Romeo & Juliet: A timeless message of love
Week 17 How saying yes might just change your life.
Week 18 Learn the secret to falling in love with daily exercise.
Week 19 What’s the one thing we all need now and then to help keep us fully engaged in the game of life?
Week 20 Learn what every good mother does to make herself happy and whole.
Week 21 Learn the high cost of ignoring your inner wisdom.
Week 22 Learn how one person, committed to consciousness, can change the planet.
Week 23 Why you need to stop making the mundane significant.
Week 24 Why procrastination might be the right thing for you to do.
Week 25 Why you need to stop settling for crumbs.
Week 26 Why getting older may be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.
Week 27 How to Stop a Downward Spiral
Week 28 Why you must allow yourself to be lazy and directionless.
Week 29 How to get that ‘big break’ you’ve been waiting for.
Week 30 Find out what happens when humans and nature collide
Week 31 What to do when affirmations don’t work.
Week 32 How what you did for summer as a kid might change your life now.
Week 33 What highly successful employees and entrepreneurs do to create more time for their lives.
Week 34 Why taking a leap of faith might be the safest thing you can do.
Week 35 If you keep repeating this one simple phrase life gets a whole lot easier
Week 36 How to gently evict the control freak living rent-free in your head.
Week 37 How you might be punishing yourself every day without even realizing it.
Week 38 Here’s how to discover your unique talents and gifts.
Week 39 Three simple things trees can teach you about making big changes to your life!
Week 40 Social media can heal a broken heart because it does this one thing really, really well.
Week 41 Here’s what would happen if you were aware of your thoughts on a daily basis.
Week 42 How to come to a peaceful resolution with the conflicting voices in your head.
Week 43 Why comparing yourself to others is a losing game.
Week 44 How choosing an unconventional path might just change your life.
Week 45 How challenging your assumptions can make life easier.
Week 46 Here’s what the pain of loss has to teach you about aliveness.
Week 47 If you want to beat the blues, do this.
Week 48 The surprising gift to be grateful for this Thanksgiving Day.
Week 49 If you think you’re not an artist, think again.
Week 50 How to make worry your new best friend.
Week 51 If you give this one thing up for the holidays, you may find magic.
Week 52 Here’s one thing you might want to remember on Christmas because it may help you feel better.