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Life Makeover for the Year 2014 (sm) Archives

Week 1 Bye Bye 2013 and here’s what’s in store for 2-0-1-4!
Week 2 How a stranger made a difference in my life.
Week 3 Why it’s good to be a Queen.
Week 4 If you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, you better read this first.
Week 5 How a temper tantrum could change your life
Week 6 How a fight with my husband taught me how to get my needs met.
Week 7 Why it’s good to step out of denial now and then.
Week 8 Here’s what to do when you can’t forgive.
Week 9 Why you must be mindful of the words you choose.
Week 10 What to do when you don’t know what to do.
Week 11 What can happen under the influence of shame.
Week 12 Are you serving the wrong master?
Week 13 How telling stories will get you into trouble.
Week 14 Who’s leading the dance of your life?
Week 15 Wisdom from one of the most courageous women I know.
Week 16 Why uncertainty needs to become your new best friend.
Week 17 Here’s what not to do when your buttons get pushed.
Week 18 What the muscles in your face tell you about your life.
Week 19 I finally figured out why this video makes me cry.
Week 20 How to use good mothering to handle regret.
Week 21 Are you sneaky or Selfish?
Week 22 How to make peace with the endings that come with age.
Week 23 How a small moment became a big experience.
Week 24 Something magical happened on the streets of London.
Week 25 Here’s what happens when you travel with dad.
Week 26 Don’t break a habit. Dissolve it!
Week 27 Here’s a bold, in-your-face way of undermining a cultural norm.
Week 28 What you must do to make your relationships work.
Week 29 Here’s What Happens When an Angel Comes to Visit
Week 30 Be careful because life might really change when you learn to do this.
Week 31 A lesson in achieving success from an unlikely teacher.
Week 32 On the days when you feel helpless and hopeless about world events, try this.
Week 33 Why you need to take that leap.
Week 34 Why we need a better relationship with people instead of our cellphones.
Week 35 You might not think you’re this kind of person, but…
Week 36 If you could give advice to your younger self, would you say this?
Week 37 The next time you get angry do this and watch what happens.
Week 38 If you want to heal anything, you’ll have to do this.
Week 39 Why you need to experience a moment of transcendence.
Week 40 If you don’t listen to the right voice, you might lose your life.
Week 41 A letter I wish I could send to every ‘checked out’ healthcare provider.
Week 42 Just when you think it’s all over, a miracle happens.
Week 43 If you’re tired of living under pressure, it might be time to change the channel.
Week 44 Here’s what can happen when you learn to keep your mouth shut.
Week 45 Be sure to do this before you vote
Week 46 How a fight with my husband taught me how to get my needs met.
Week 47 How to stop resentment from killing you.
Week 48 How to find Nirvana.
Week 49 Here’s the sign you’ve been waiting for.
Week 50 What to do when affirmations don’t work
Week 51 If you do this one thing, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy holiday shopping this year.
Week 52 How to view darkness in a new light.