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Life Makeover for the Year 2017 (sm) Archives

Week 1 Roaring into 2017
Week 2 Are you ready to join me for a year of self-care?
Week 3 When a coyote comes to visit, you should do this
Week 4 Here’s A Political Conversation Worth Having
Week 5 What to do when fear and anger take over.
Week 6 Self Care During Tumultuous Times
Week 7 Will you be a Valentine?
Week 8 If You’re Feeling Anxious, Please Do This.
Week 9 How my cat taught me to stop worrying
Week 10 How To Feel Peaceful And Calm In Five Minutes.
Week 11 How to keep up with technology (and other crazy life changes)
Week 12 Speaking Spanish, working with energy, and what happens when you listen to Life.
Week 13 Might this be proof that the soul is eternal and survives death?
Week 14 20 ridiculously simple ways to live longer (and better)
Week 15 What to do when the inner critic comes calling
Week 16 May You Be Lifted by the Light
Week 17 Here’s what happens when you turn a problem into a divine assignment