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Below find excerpts from recent Laser Coaching sessions with our Facebook community.

I feel stressed in my job and feel like I'm letting fear creep in and cause resistance. Any great ways to stay grounded? or not let it get the best of me? ~ Dawn

Hi Dawn, Rather than try not to let it get the best of you, face what's going on square in the face and do something about it. Whether it means talking to your boss, looking for a less stressful, new job, or admitting and dealing with your fear. Don't tolerate less than what you deserve sweetheart!

I own a business that has been steadily growing and I just know I'm about a year away from it supporting my family - however, my husband's business is now slow from the economy and he thinks I should let my business (2.5 years old) go and a job that will support us. We are in debt and I know we need the money - but I'm 51 and I feel like this is my last shot at making this business which I love, love, love successful. I feel if I give up and try to pick it up later I will have lost my credibility and all the sacrifices for the last few years will be for naught. ~ Debbi

Hi Debbi, I'd see getting a job as helping your business - and what about your hubby. Can he get a new job, too? Debt and financial pressure do not support the growth of a business - and it's never too late - ever!

I was just laid off, what advice do you have for considering a career shift or at least and industry shift (after 18yrs). How do I hone in on what to accentuate on my resume' especially coming up with an "objective statement"? ~ Lois

Hi Lois - two resources that will help: :-)

I use a lot of different methods to move through my fears, yet this one has me stumped, or stumbling... I have been asked many times to keynote speak and teach. Each time, I fall into a deep fear and turn to food, yet it is something I desire to do. I have tried visualizations, being gentle with myself, practicing with friends, and it seems I am at a loss on what else I can try... I would appreciate any suggestion. I believe it comes from a deep seated need to remain invisible, or deep rooted belief of not being good enough.. I have been working on that, yet I consciously fall into fear around this.. - M.

Hi M., Check out Lee Glickstein's book "Be Heard Now" and join Toastmasters. Don't do anything else but that first. Public speaking is a huge fear for most people, so it's probably just normal fear and Toastmasters will give you a safe place to practice. I only delivered a keynote speech long after I had lots of practice with smaller talks :)

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