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Below find excerpts from recent Laser Coaching sessions with our Facebook community.

I need help motivating my 14 year old son with his school work. He is in mixed choir now and must pass in order to participate but last year he showed very little interest in even getting by. ~ Martha

How do you get out of a "rut" of resentment when you are the sole caregiver for a ill and elderly family member and you have asked for help and don't receive. I have an autoimmune condition, a 10 year old, a job and a house of my own.... grrrr... self care should be number one on my list but it seems to come in last and the frustration comes in first. ~ Beth

I just sent my son off to college and I'm a wreck! I can't even go into his bedroom without crying! how in the WORLD am I going to do this!!??? ~ Deb

I need help dealing with repeated family drama which intensifies around the holidays. How do I decide when to deal with it or to set up boundaries? - J.

I’m dealing with the loss of my Dad a week ago. Do you have any healthy suggestions on how to COPE and MOVE FORWARD??? - L.

How do I handle having no money to get my children something for Christmas? - T.

What is the best way to stay present and not revert back to the "child" when around family? - S.

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