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Laser Coaching with Cheryl

Below find excerpts from recent Laser Coaching sessions with our Facebook community.

If you are trying to stay young and fresh of mind, how does a middle aged women stay current? ~ Laura

Cheryl - You are amazing and wonderful! I am just finishing 21 day cleanse and need help figuring out what is next on the path to get my health back. Thoughts? ~ Julie

I have been reading your "Extreme Self-Care" book and enjoyed it. Recently, I seem to have lost my steam or sense of discipline with many things that help me be happy and healthy- exercising- (I used to love walking the bridge over the bay here in Sarasota several times a week), my singing practice (which is tough because um, I'm a classical singer & teacher) and even my meditation practice has gotten a bit off. Oh, and I almost forgot I haven't been going to yoga every week either and I used to really enjoy that. Just one by one, things have been drifting away from me. I wonder, what to do to get one's motivation back to do the things you know are good for you? I used to do all of these things with joy. ~ Martha

I'm always unsure whether I have just got the personality makeup of Emily Dickenson or whether I also have some social wounds that won't heal. How do I tell which it is? I don't have a lot of social connections, but only poetry and fiction seem to give me a whole sense of connection. - L.

My apartment gets very little natural sunlight. I wanted to change apartments. One came up, but at the time I had a huge review at work and it was Thanksgiving ... I didn't think I'd be able to do the whole move, so I told the landlord I changed my mind. He said I can stay in my place but he's not renting a new place to me. I'm here in my dark apartment now, though, and am thinking I made a huge mistake. At the time I thought, by saying no, I was "gracefully disappointing others", taking the "too much" off my plate and slowing down. Now I'm wondering if I made a huge mistake and lost an opportunity to have a well-lit place with a view, i.e., when opportunity knocks we should take it. Did I make a big mistake? Is there hope for me? :-) And how do I go about fixing this? -A.

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