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Below find excerpts from recent Laser Coaching sessions with our Facebook community.

If you are trying to stay young and fresh of mind, how does a middle aged women stay current? ~ Laura

Hi Laura, To stay young and fresh - learn something new every day, teach something you know to someone else, move your beautiful body every day, dance & sing, get a pet :-)

Cheryl - You are amazing and wonderful! I am just finishing 21 day cleanse and need help figuring out what is next on the path to get my health back. Thoughts? ~ Julie

Hi Julie, I'd check out Geneen Roth's book - Women Food and God - it's a great next step...

I have been reading your "Extreme Self-Care" book and enjoyed it. Recently, I seem to have lost my steam or sense of discipline with many things that help me be happy and healthy- exercising- (I used to love walking the bridge over the bay here in Sarasota several times a week), my singing practice (which is tough because um, I'm a classical singer & teacher) and even my meditation practice has gotten a bit off. Oh, and I almost forgot I haven't been going to yoga every week either and I used to really enjoy that. Just one by one, things have been drifting away from me. I wonder, what to do to get one's motivation back to do the things you know are good for you? I used to do all of these things with joy. ~ Martha

Hi Martha, I wonder what's going on dear... has something happened over time that has caused you to pull in? Do you need to mix things up or change things a bit? If not, then just pick up one - ONE - good practice again and do something about it today. We all fall off the self-care wagon - I do all the time, and I've learned it's more about learning to get back on track rather than stay on track :)

I'm always unsure whether I have just got the personality makeup of Emily Dickenson or whether I also have some social wounds that won't heal. How do I tell which it is? I don't have a lot of social connections, but only poetry and fiction seem to give me a whole sense of connection. - L.

Dear L., What a beautiful, honest, and vulnerable question. I would absolutely employ the loving support of a good therapist to explore this issue. It may be your natural disposition to spend more time alone, and that's perfectly OK. And, having the loving partnership of a therapist who can help you get to know yourself on a deeper level can be a great gift. It certainly has changed my life.

My apartment gets very little natural sunlight. I wanted to change apartments. One came up, but at the time I had a huge review at work and it was Thanksgiving ... I didn't think I'd be able to do the whole move, so I told the landlord I changed my mind. He said I can stay in my place but he's not renting a new place to me. I'm here in my dark apartment now, though, and am thinking I made a huge mistake. At the time I thought, by saying no, I was "gracefully disappointing others", taking the "too much" off my plate and slowing down. Now I'm wondering if I made a huge mistake and lost an opportunity to have a well-lit place with a view, i.e., when opportunity knocks we should take it. Did I make a big mistake? Is there hope for me? :-) And how do I go about fixing this? -A.

Hi A., What a wonderful opportunity to love yourself right now in spite of the decision you made that you regret. To me, that is the bigger issue. Get yourself a light box to enjoy natural sunlight for now, and be sure to let your landlord know that you regret the decision and would love to hear about anything else that opens up. Who knows? The Universe might have a better place in store for you somewhere else ;)

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