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Life Goals

Below find excerpts from recent Laser Coaching sessions with our Facebook community.

Cheryl you're the best. I'm in Limbo and I want to move forward with my life. I'm waiting for more court dates and I can't seem to escape this demon in my life. ~ Torva

Dear Torva, Sometimes limbo is exactly where we're supposed to be. When I'm in limbo I learn: patience, how to manage my mind, how to choose good thoughts, etc. Also, keep asking - what can I learn from this situation that will make me a better person and make my life better in the future.

How can you get out of fear and go into TRUSTING? After you already made a bold move such as leaving a job to pursue your true dream f/t? :) ~ Young JoAnne

Hi Young JoAnne - is it fear or is it that things aren't working out the way you had hoped? For example, if you left a job and feel financial pressure, it's not smart to sit with the fear while your dream ramps up, you may need to get a job to support yourself again while your dream builds.

Cheryl why is it that we tend to get moving and then feel like we feel stuck again and have to deal with issues all over again. ~ Micki

Hi Micki, Forget "why" and just take action when you get stuck :)

How do I truly learn to listen and follow my heart and to trust in myself and the universe? ~ Ina

Dear Ina, with little, tiny, loving steps every day. From what you eat to how you move to what you watch on TV. Ask your heart and soul what it wants most in this moment :)

My kids will both be enrolled in full-time school and I'm looking toward the first break I've had in about 7 years. How should I budget my time alone? ~ Christina

Hi Christina - spoken like a true, organized mom :) Don't budget a damn thing... enjoy your time alone! For the next six months, give yourself permission to live spontaneously :)

I'd like to know how to make changes when you find it hard to take consistent action. - D.

Dear D., The quick answer is to find a partner and support each other in doing one small action each day or each week. I find that procrastination lives in a vacuum when we keep our "stuckness" to ourselves. Let your secret out. You feel stuck, you want to move forward, and you need support. You might check out our Life Makeover Group section at to find or start a group near you!

How can I learn to focus better - say, on a writing project. How can one learn to stay on task? - C.

Hi C., What's helped me is to find a consistent time either every day or every week and stick to it. Then you might set a timer for an hour or a half hour, remove any distractions (like Internet access while writing), and practice pulling yourself back to the task. Most writers grapple with this issue. Also, please listen to my conversation with Julia Cameron by visiting under the community section and "special guests." She has lots of great ideas!

I struggle constantly with keeping myself on task and focusing!! - L.

Dear L., Start saying "I used to struggle with focusing but I don't anymore!" Keep repeating that affirmation instead of affirming the opposite. (This is a little trick I recently learned from Louise Hay).

How do I get organized once and for all? I feel like I am constantly putting out little fires and don't have the time to get everything totally organized. - L.

Hi L., First of all, make your goal a SMALL one :). Forget about getting organized once and for all - it's unrealistic for most of us. Start with one small area and get help in discovering what's causing the chaos BEFORE you begin to organize.

I struggle with creating routines. With several major life changes recently (all good and due to relocation) I need some help with the best way to implement some new routines - i.e., start of day, before bed, daily, weekly, and so on. Any pointers? Thanks again for all you do! - S.

Hi S., Great question. There is a whole chapter on this topic in The Art of Extreme Self Care. Routines have been a godsend in my life. Just start with one - and I'd make it a commitment to get to bed by a certain time of night, first.... Make your bedroom comfy, cozy and a relaxing place to be. Don't do anything else but read, listen to relaxing music or meditation tapes, and set yourself up to enjoy the experience of going to bed. Focus on that - and nothing else but that - for at least 30 days and it will get you started. :)

How do I get back to writing in my journal? I’m kind of afraid of what might come out. I did it years ago and it was a useful tool...and yes, things did come out! - C.

Hi C., Start your new journal by affirming in writing: "I can trust myself to take good care of myself." "I know exactly what I need to do to take care of my Emotional Self." "I love journaling and discovering new things about myself." "I get the help I need with anything that occurs to me when I journal."

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