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Below find excerpts from recent Laser Coaching sessions with our Facebook community.

Can someone make you feel with so much anger just with their presence? ~ Claudia

Dear Claudia, We are all affected by the energy and emotions of others. If being in someone's presence makes you feel very angry, I'd ask yourself questions like: When have I felt these feelings before? What age was I? What is this person trying to show me? What unresolved issue is this person inviting me to look at?

I gave a necklace to a friend many years ago that was from a boyfriend that broke my heart. At the time I gave it to her I was young and very angry and wanted no memory of him in my life. Now that I am older and sentimental I would like the necklace back is it wrong to ask for it back? ~ Noreen

Hi Noreen, I think it's unfair to "expect" it back. If your friend is still a good friend, I'd explain your thoughts and feelings and see what she thinks - letting her know that it's really ok to keep the necklace if she wants to... and if she does, just decide you were meant to keep the memory :)

I have a friend whose partner is very controlling and doesn't like her to have her own friends. I do my best to stay open minded and continue to stay in touch with my friend despite this conflict. It's very hard when she is hardly ever able to get together. Any advice? ~ Molly

Yes, Molly, keep letting her know that you love her, are here for here and that you're a safe, judgment-free zone. She may be being controlled and unable to stand up to him. The better support you are for her, the better her chances of reaching her limits and asking for help.

Hi Cheryl. . . what is your best advice for those of us dealing with disappointment. . .specifically people who don't follow through and make promises they don't keep. Arrggghhhh! Frustrating for sure. ~ Raven

Hi Raven, I hate being disappointed, too :). If you keep getting disappointed by the same people then you have to look at how YOU might be setting yourself up to be disappointed by choosing the wrong people. Look for patterns and decide that you will now make peace with disappointment and see any as a learning experience.

Hi Cheryl- I understand in theory "Feel the fear and do it anyway" and "Being true to my authentic self" but I still struggle with it.... I'm having marriage issues and am wanting to change careers... but I'm letting the fear in. Any suggestions? Even if it's baby steps? ~ Pam

Hi Pam, Deal with marriage issues first - forget job for now. It's too important and affects every area of your life. Get help from a good therapist - email my assistant for some referrals -

I have been divorced for about 12 yrs and since haven't dated anyone for longer than 6 months. I have done a vision board and every night I imagine my soulmate lying next to me and I feel elated.... however, I'm still single!!! My life is great except that one missing piece. I tell myself to be patient but I'm getting old :( ~ Karen

Hi Karen, How about getting some objective advice from a professional? I'd probably explore what's going on with a great therapist who can help me to see how I might be getting in my own way...

How do you establish emotional boundaries without hurting a friendship? - J.

Dear J., Sometimes setting boundaries means you will hurt someone. Your job is to do it graciously and with kindness. You can't be responsible for how someone else experiences it.

I’m dealing with a "split" household. I choose to see abundance everywhere and in everything, while my husband struggles with living this way. Any suggestions? - L.

Dear L., This is the beauty of spiritual partnership. We tend to join with those who challenge us to find a balance in how we approach life. For example, you might be a financial optimist who needs a bit of grounding in the practical aspects of caring for your financial health, and your husband may need to learn to focus more on what he does have rather than what he doesn’t. Also, start affirming, “I enjoy a harmonious and respectful relationship with my husband and it brings us closer together every day.”

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