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Staying Positive

Below find excerpts from recent Laser Coaching sessions with our Facebook community.

What is the best way to stay focused when overcoming obstacles? ~Linda

Hi Linda, First of all, I'd suggest putting your attention on achieving goals rather than overcoming obstacles. Important distinction. Then, choose one goal and take forward action - the action you most want to avoid :) That will get you where you want to go faster...

I use affirmations everyday and I still feel stuck like nothing is ever going to work out for me and my family. ~ Kim

Hi Kim, Try this: "Everything is falling into place in the perfect way and at the perfect time." "Things always work out for me." And the most important one: "I do whatever it takes to make things work out in my best interest and in the best interest of my family." We need to marry action with affirmations :)

Do you have some tips on staying positive and letting go of all negativity, it can be so hard to trust and let go but is the right way for me, why do I fight it? Thank you ~ Leslie

Dear Lesley, Embrace it all... focus on adding positive affirmations, thoughts, actions to your life and the negativity will take care of itself (assuming there is not a psychological issue that needs to be addressed). Rather than put energy into "not" doing something - which gives it more power - put the energy into doing something positive.

How can I stop sabotaging good things in my life? :) nice simple question there for you... haha ~ Susan

Hi Susan, Walk around singing "I love good things! I celebrate good things! I accept good things! I revel in good things! I love when good things come into my life!" Awareness can be 50% of growth and the fact that you know it's a problem is helpful. If it keeps happening, you may want to get the support of a great therapist to uncover the subconscious motivations... could be a wonderful learning experience. Then you can help others to accept good, too!

One of my questions would be do you have a trick to stop worrying and panicking? (i going through some stuff) I’ve been putting my ipod on and listening to meditations or Louise Hay CD. Any other tricks? ~ Anick

Hi Anick, I'd first want to address the cause of the worry and panic. Panic is a strong word so I wouldn't want to respond without knowing more.

I'm lost, lost, lost. I don't even know where to begin. I think I have a full life but feel like I'm searching for something - but don't know what. I'm only fill fulfilled lately when I'm at the beach (Lynch Park in Beverly, MA - know it, Newburyport Girl?) listening to Hay House. ~ Jennifer

Hi Jennifer - look at how smart you are! Go to the beach every day and keep listening to Hay House - trust me, you'll find yourself (you already are.. .you just dont' know it)

I'd like to know how to stop berating myself. -LW

Hi LW, I'd start with Louise Hay's mirror work. Go to a mirror right now, look deep into your eyes, and say: “I love you. I really, really love you.” Keep doing it until it feels more comfortable. It's a beautiful way to begin building a new kind of relationship with yourself and while it might feel a little strange or silly, it WORKS! Do it several times a day - whenever you see your reflection anywhere :)

How do I keep being the cheerleader my husband needs and still be my own cheerleader? I'm starting to run on empty… - T.

Hi T., The fact that you say you're burned out tells me that you may be having to do more cheerleading than is appropriate. We can't be a cheerleader to loved ones all the time. It's exhausting. Your hubby may need to find other people to support him...and you can tell him this gently and sweetly - like this: “Honey, I love you. I really, really do. And while I want to be your support person all the time, it's impossible for me to do it. Let's talk about ways we can both find additional support.” (Life Makeover Groups might be good for you both, too!)

How do I just get beyond feeling, “Am I good enough to do this?” - B.

Hi B., YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO DO ANYTHING. Now just go do it :)

I can forgive others for making mistakes, but I can't forgive myself! -M.

M., “I can't forgive myself” is an affirmation. Start affirming the opposite: "I'm getting better and better at forgiving myself." Say it all day long. Say it to yourself while looking in the mirror. Say it to your friends. Pretty soon you'll believe it ;)

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