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OKBS- Letter of Introduction to new member

OKBS- Letter of Introduction to new member


Are you working on a Life Makeover or are you thinking of beginning to work on one?

You will find all the information you need about our group in this letter. You will also find a lot of questions from the group to you. Please take some time to consider these questions and respond to them as best you can. We are certainly interested in supporting you and each other the best that we can.

Yes, there is a Life Makeover group™ running in Ottawa. We call ourselves the OKBS (Ottawa Kick Butt Sistas- LOL :) Our group is in its 3rd year. We meet every week, alternating between in person meetings and chats on our website.

What did you hope to get from being a part of a group? Are you interested in observing our group in order to form your own group? Or are you looking for a group to participate in?

Some of us are reading Cheryl Richardson’s “Life Makeovers” book and others are using her “Stand Up for Your Life” book. When we meet we take turns sharing about our successes, and we may share about what challenges us. We ask and offer feedback to each other. We always offer POSITIVE feedback and are supportive of each other by the sharing of our own experiences.

How much time are you willing to commit to sharing with others?

What we share at our meetings is confidential. It is important to us all that what we share in the group meetings stays within these walls/rooms. We practice this by not sharing specifics of what is said with people outside of the group. We always share about how the group has personally helped us.

What does it mean for you to have confidentiality? Are you willing to commit to keeping the groups confidences?

There are 9-14 people who are a part of the group both online and in person. Our live meetings average 8 people per meeting. We strongly believe that the commitment to meeting needs to be followed through on, otherwise we don’t have a group. If we have no group then we have no accountability to each other or support for our goals.

What time commitment are you making to your Life Makeover? Would you be able to commit to meeting others regularly?

Our group meets online at our website ( These meeting are on Sundays from 8-9pm. This is a nice check-in time between our live meetings. (You will need to apply to join at the site if you want to chat). Our live meetings are on Mondays from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Our meetings are help at public locations while more social activities are occasionally hosted at members’ homes.

This is our group format and function. If you like what you have read and are looking forward to a group experience for your Life Makeover then please be sure to let me know.

If you are still uncertain, please do not be shy about asking questions and keeping in touch.

I/we look forward to sharing in the Life Makeover process with you.