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Life Makeover for the Year 2018 (sm) Archives

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My Birthday Wish
Question everything
Life Unfolding…
Drink the good wine first
Do you have the guts?
Finding the good in goodbye
Let’s turn on the light
A whole new world
Stop the world, I want to get off!
When Life opens a door, pick up the phone
In Remembrance of September 11th
Creating a peaceful state of mind
A legacy that lives on
Gifts from the Emerald Isle
Things are always working out for me.
Time for an adventure!
Why you need to turn off your life.
What happens when you listen to your life.
What if finding your life’s purpose was this simple?
Do you like the company you keep?
Meeting a teacher in a restaurant in Maine.
Ready to feel good?
What if we’re all connected in astounding ways?
How to quench a midlife thirst for freedom
When you make the brave move to let go, this is what happens.
Finding love after loss
What happens when you let a kid do a woman’s job
To the women who came before me
How I got out of jail.
When the vow breaks.
Stop complaining and do this instead
Some good news for a change
Signs of spring and life beyond loss
How not to become an Internet Bully
What happens when we keep our mouths shut
Daily self-care habits that really will change your life
Remembering the good old days
Let’s talk about it…
Last night I had a dream…
Drink the good wine first
Lingering in Limbo
Getting to know you in a brand new way
Little things mean a lot
A new version of the year of firsts
Are you longing for aliveness?
Brave the elements, find a new life
Limbo, transitions, and the art of learning to wait.