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Life Makeover for the Year 2016 (sm) Archives

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Week 49 Here’s how we make the holidays happy
Week 48 It’s what we don’t talk about that hurts us.
Week 47 Hope and healing for those who are grieving
Week 46 Signs of life after death
Week 45 Honoring my father
Week 44 What to do when affirmations don’t work
Week 43 Here’s what the better side of humanity looks like
Week 42 Feeling resentful? Do this.
Week 41 Wisdom from Louise Hay
Week 40 Here’s what happens when you send a kid in to do a woman’s job
Week 39 Is it time to prune your life?
Week 38 Things are always working out for me.
Week 37 Remembering the victims and their families on 9/11
Week 36 What would you tell the younger you?
Week 35 Here’s a good reason to listen to the wise little voice inside.
Week 34 When women get together, here’s what happens
Week 33 A lesson from the Registry of Motor Vehicles
Week 32 The Trouble With Telling Tall Tales.
Week 31 Finding hope for our future in a restaurant in Maine.
Week 30 When gratitude makes the heart stronger
Week 29 Simple pleasures you might be missing
Week 28 Stop settling for crumbs.
Week 27 What if this is it?
Week 26 Change how you see and the whole world changes
Week 25 What’s in your wallet?
Week 24 Why you might want to climb a mountain
Week 23 What do you live for?
Week 22 Don’t put a Band-Aid on a wound that needs surgery.
Week 21 Life hacks, time savers, and a gift that might belong to you!
Week 20 How to get a Masters in the School of Life
Week 19 Are you a good mother to yourself?
Week 18 Here’s what women talk about when they hang out together.
Week 17 What price are you paying for not trusting your gut?
Week 16 Why you need to be a gutsy girl.
Week 15 This message might just save a life
Week 14 The Day I Starred In My Own Music Video
Week 13 Finding hope in dire circumstances
Week 12 What to do when you worship at the altar of efficiency
Week 11 Hope And Healing For Those Who Are Grieving.
Week 10 The day I met an angel in disguise
Week 9 Soap dispensers, duvet covers, and computer shortcuts.
Week 8 Downton Abbey, housecleaning, and the benefits of aging
Week 7 A Valentine for the weary
Week 6 You can’t heal without this.
Week 5 What to do when the world feels too harsh to handle.
Week 4 Who are the sheep in your herd?
Week 3 What would you dedicate your life to?
Week 2 What to do when you can’t forgive someone
Week 1 This Might Happen If You Ask Friends For Advice