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Life Makeover for the Year 2012

Week 20 – Mothering Message: A loving reminder of truth

May 13, 2012

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Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Ann Richardson, and my mother-in-law, Pat Gerrish.  Both women are such blessings in my life…




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Topic of the Week

Mothering Message

I recently met a woman who told me that she’s kept the following letter with her ever since I shared it in this newsletter long ago.  Inspired by her, I thought it might be a good message for Mother’s Day.  After all, extreme self care, at its core, is about good mothering.

When you decide to take time for yourself and you feel a bit uneasy, please remember these words…


Don’t worry, you’ll be okay
Slowing down is good
Wisdom simmers and steeps and grows with time

Stop pushing yourself
You are enough just as you are
There is no need to perform

Let life unfold
You have what it takes to handle anything

Good things come from patience, not pushing
Let space and time reveal something miraculous
Trust life

Accept where you are
Right now
Stop the judgment and internal lectures
Just be here

Don’t run or think or eat or scheme
Return to yourself in this moment
Where life is perfect and peaceful and safe



Take Action Challenge

Whether you’re a man or woman, please remember to be a good mother to yourself this week.

This week’s video is a fun look at a special little cat.  You’ll find i there.  Thanks, Joan!


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