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Life Makeover for the Year 2012

Week 39 – A Fun Exercise: Making a 10/10/10 list

September 23, 2012


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Have a fun week!



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Topic of the Week

A Fun Exercise

In October of 2010, on the 10th day of the month, I sat down and made a spontaneous list of ten things to say yes to, ten things to say no to, and ten things that contribute to a great life.  It was a fun exercise and when I came across that newsletter this afternoon, I decided to do it again.  It’s a spontaneous, intuitive way to figure out what you need to be happy right now.

If you do it, too, you might be surprised by what you learn about yourself.  The trick is to do it quickly, writing from your heart instead of your head, putting down the first things that come to mind.  Here’s what I wrote:

Ten things to say yes to:

Down time at home
Any offer of help
Dinner with close friends
A hot bath
Taking more space than I think I need to make decisions
Walks at the beach
Sitting on the deck watching the clouds go by
Lifting weights and moving my body

Ten things to say no to:

Social events that require chit chat
Appointments in the morning
Doing anything I don’t really want to do
Unkind thoughts about myself
Guilt about not taking care of the needs of others
Pushing myself to do “just one more thing”
Watching or reading depressing news
Overriding my feelings

Ten things that will make my life better:

Green juice every day
Sleeping late
Waking up without an alarm clock
Going to bed early
Time with the girls
A foot massage
Long walks in nature
Lots of time and space around appointments
Keeping a list of things that make me happy
Smiling at my reflection

Now it’s your turn.  Don’t over think this exercise.  Just make three lists of ten and see what you discover about yourself!

Take Action Challenge

Take ten minutes and do your own 10/10/10 list now  .

This week’s video is filled with magic.  You can view it here.  Thanks, Kelly!


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