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Life Makeover for the Year 2010

Week 45 – Words of Comfort: A loving reminder of truth

November 7, 2010


I’m off to Tampa this week for the last I Can Do It conference of the year (we’ll be coming to Vancouver next year!).  In the meantime, we’re cooking up some terrific webstore specials for the holidays.  The sale starts on Tuesday, November 9th and will include $100 off of our popular Practice Building Workshop and a TWO FOR ONE special on each of the three card decks – Self Care Cards, Grace Cards, and My Daily Affirmation Cards.  They’ll be listed here.  I’ll be sure to post it on Facebook and Twitter when they’re up!

I’ll be live on the radio this week (11/8 at 5pm ET/2pm PT) and you can listen by visiting  You can also call to speak with me for coaching at (866) 254-1579.

Have a great week…


p.s. – Need a little Divine Direction? Use the “Touch of Grace” button on our homepage here.

Topic of the Week

Words of Comfort

While going through some old computer files last week, I found an email I sent to a friend – a woman who needed love and compassion while struggling with a tough situation. Today I’m sending it to you…


Don’t worry, you’ll be okay
Slowing down is good
Wisdom simmers and steeps and grows with time
Stop pushing yourself

You are enough just as you are
There is no need to perform
Just relax
Let life unfold

You have what it takes to handle anything
Good things come from patience, not pushing
Let space and time reveal something miraculous

Trust life
Accept where you are
Right now
Stop the judgment and internal lectures

Just be here
Don’t run or think or eat or scheme
Return to yourself in this moment
Where life is perfect and peaceful and safe


Take Action Challenge

If someone you know needs a comforting message, you might want to forward the newsletter.  If you need it, please print it out and consider it a personal message from me sent to you with love .

This week’s video was sent in by Paula, a biology teacher from the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries. It’s called Simplicity and it’s by one of her students, Brandon Lee, with an original score by another student, Josh Beattie.  It’s a beautiful reminder – thanks Paula!  You’ll find it here.

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