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Read what participants are saying about The Next Step

I was one of the lucky people who attended the inaugural program in Atlanta in April! It was an amazing day building focus, friendships and forging new paths for my future! I highly recommend applying and attending if you want to take your business to the next level! Having access to great peers and Cheryl Richardson and Reid Tracy in a small group setting was invaluable… GOLDEN opportunity I say!

Our experience at The Next Step with Cheryl and Reid was truly an amazing one. Not only did they open our eyes to new and innovative ideas for increasing our brand awareness and market; we were able to meet and share ideas and experiences with the most fantastic people, from all different backgrounds and businesses! We highly recommend this program to anyone with goals to make changes in their business, big or small!

The Next Step program with Cheryl Richardson and Reid Tracey provided me with some profound insights into my business and direction. I received masterful coaching and guidance as well as connected with an amazing group of thought leaders. After our day together, the follow-up from Cheryl, Reid, and the group helped me tremendously and assisted in my implementation.

Initially I came to the Next Step program to learn how to leverage social media and grow my business. I did gain insight into the power of social media, but I actually got so much more. The wisdom and compassion that Cheryl and Reid used to give specific feedback about my business and how they simultaneously helped me address the underlying issues blocking my progress were invaluable. In addition, our group built friendships and an ongoing learning community of support. I now have many new resources within myself and in the world. What an empowering experience. Thank you!

The Next Step coaching intensive with Cheryl Richardson and Reid Tracy was an amazing experience. Though our interests and businesses were quite diverse (coaching, medicine, law, sales, real estate, writing, and more), Cheryl and Reid helped each of us to get a clear idea about what would help us take our businesses (and lives) to the next step. After hearing each of our stories, they honed in on the real issues with great insight. They were honest but compassionate as they gave us individual feedback about everything from website design and social media strategies, to attracting ideal clients and staff, clarifying our message as we build our audience, and avoiding burn-out. We learned from listening to others’ stories as well as our own, and each came away with concrete action steps for the next 30 days. I would highly recommend the program for anyone interested in taking their business to the next level.

Cheryl was vibrantly intuitive as she reached into the core of each participant, grabbed out all the confusion and instead, put their quandary into a clear, easy to see plan of action.