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Life Makeover for the Year 2015 (sm) Archives

Week 1 A New Year’s Prescription for 2015
Week 2 In praise of the ordinary.
Week 3 Why you must unleash the artist within
Week 4 Why you need to listen to your inner brat.
Week 5 Here’s what happens when you challenge convention.
Week 6 Here’s permission to be excessively gentle with yourself.
Week 7 If you don’t listen to this person, your dreams may never see the light of day.
Week 8 Here’s a secret weapon for handling change.
Week 9 Why you must be willing to open your mind to the seemingly impossible.
Week 10 What I learned while hanging in a silk cocoon.
Week 11 The one simple thing you need to do to make life easier
Week 12 How to sneak away from the crazy world we live in.
Week 13 Why You Need To Stop Playing The Comparison Game.
Week 14 How To Survive A Shame Attack
Week 15 How God works in mysterious ways.
Week 16 Try this new kind of meditation and watch what happens!
Week 17 What to do when a ‘committee of critics’ shows up at your next creative event.
Week 18 When the rug gets pulled out from underneath you, remember this.
Week 19 Life Hack: When to use a little “positive pre-planning.”
Week 20 Life, death and the power of mom.
Week 21 Meeting an Angel in Disguise
Week 22 A new way to lift your mood in minutes.
Week 23 Why we need to rethink a college education.
Week 24 Reverse engineering contentment.
Week 25 Time for an internal software upgrade?
Week 26 Here’s What Happens When You Take A Leap Of Faith.
Week 27 What to do when it’s time to give away your friends
Week 28 How to make peace with the endings that come with age.
Week 29 Where to turn in the toughest of times.
Week 30 Wrapped in the arms of grace.
Week 31 What to do when caring for a loved one feels too hard.
Week 32 How to instigate Divine Intervention
Week 33 You’ve got to see this beauty!
Week 34 What you gain when you lose.
Week 35 If I hadn’t listened, I would have missed this.
Week 36 Why getting older may be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.
Week 37 How to make a difference in the world while at home in your pajamas
Week 38 The building blocks of an extraordinary life.
Week 39 Why we need a moment of transcendence
Week 40 I didn’t expect to discover this at the beach.
Week 41 How a friend who died let me know she’s still here
Week 42 How to become a high tech, neural programmer
Week 43 I thought I was learning salsa but I was really learning this.
Week 44 The secret ingredient to all healing.
Week 45 Happy Anniversary Jagged Little Pill!
Week 46 In Praise of an Ordinary Moment
Week 47 The spiritual skill we all need to develop now
Week 48 Here’s What Happened At The School Of Rock
Week 49 Sipping from the reservoir of experience
Week 50 How to Make Worry Your New Best Friend
Week 51 When Facebook delivers an afterlife message.
Week 52 Holiday happenings and acts of rebellion.
Week 53 The only resolution that matters