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Life Coach: Believe In You

Body+Soul | January/February 2009

While having dinner with a friend, Bob Olson, a professional ghostwriter, I heard a story that shifted the way I think about education and the pursuit of a dream. Bob had been hired to write a book for a man with a compelling life story. As they started to work together, the client mentioned …. read more

Setback Survival

Body+Soul | July/August 2008

Years ago, I learned a powerful lesson about the upside of disappointment. After being passed over for a business opportunity — one I spent almost a year preparing for — I called my friend Max to share the news. It isn’t easy to see your disappointments in life as “gifts.”…. read more

Learning to Start Over

Body+Soul | June 2008

Is it possible to start a new business on the eve of your 60th birthday while settling into an empty nest and going through a divorce? That’s what Caitlyn asked when she emailed me her story. “I’ve spent … read more

Undoing Denial

Body+Soul | May 2008

Years ago, I was invited to lunch by a colleague who wanted me to meet his friend, a wise and seasoned therapist who had profoundly influenced his life. During our meal, she talked about the healing strategies she used, and I was intrigued … read more

Making Boundaries

Body+Soul | April 2008

Pauline was at her wit’s end. A self-employed medical researcher, she wrote to me for help in dealing with an overbearing mom. “Because I work from home, I need uninterrupted time while the kids are in school to get my work done. Mom knows this, but she still calls me daily… read more

Learn to Surrender

Body+Soul | March 2008

Maybe you’re praying that a loved one recovers from a serious illness — or that your new date calls again, or that your son gets into his top college choice. Whatever the situation, times like these challenge … read more

Living Outrageously

Body+Soul | January/February 2008

Recently, as I flipped through a magazine while waiting to get a haircut, I overheard a story that put a new twist on how we can change our lives for the better. Here (shared with her permission) is what she … read more

Gifts With Meaning

Body+Soul | November/December 2007

If you start now, you should be able to fill a book in time for your holiday gathering — and the recipient will cherish it for a lifetime. … read more

The Five Most Meaningful Gifts


If you start now, you should be able to fill a book in time for your holiday gathering — and the recipient will cherish it for a lifetime. … read more

Finding Joy


Before Diane’s life was in turmoil. A stay-at-home mom for more than 22 years, she was about to become an empty nester, with one child already in college and the other a high school senior. Her husband, a commercial … read more

Tired but Wired


Until I could learn to be “bored,” I’d never get to the calm on the other side. “That Zen-like message has worked magic in my life,” I told Barbara at our final meeting. “You might want to let it work a little magic in yours, too.”… read more

Dealing with Eldercare Issues

Body+Soul | October 2007

Darlene emailed me about a challenge most of us will face at one point or another: the care of an aging parent. “Like so many women,” she wrote, “I’m a busy professional living a life in perpetual motion. But on top of that, I’m slowly losing my mom to dementia. Once an independent woman…. read more

Build Career Confidence

Body+Soul | July/August 2007

I met Carrie at Miraval Resort earlier this year during Body+Soul’s retreat for readers. At a workshop I offered on creating an abundant life, I asked for volunteers to share one thing they wanted more of. Carrie raised her hand. Visibly nervous…. read more

The Mommy Identity Crisis

Body+Soul | June 2007

Monique is a smart, spirited mother of two small girls who’s in the middle of an identity crisis. She wrote to me with a mixture of guilt and hopefulness. “Ever since I had children…. read more

Asking for Help

Body+Soul | April/May 2007

Lorraine owns a small clothing boutique in a bustling town in Minnesota. In her first year in business, she’d already developed a following of great customers. Unfortunately, she also faced the stress… read more

Setting Firm Boundaries

Body+Soul | March 2007

Christine, an osteopath, runs a small practice in upstate New York. One evening, as she waited at a stoplight, her car was rear-ended. She sustained only minor injuries to her neck and back — but a year later…. read more

Fixing a Bad Decision

Body+Soul | January/February 2007

Brian, a software engineer, worked at an aerospace company for 24 years. Due to retire within a year, he looked forward to enjoying — even savoring — the final 12 months of his job. Unfortunately, his plan never materialized. A single bad decision… read more

Find Your Passion

Body+Soul | June 2006

If I had to choose one topic that prompts the most emails, raised hands, and letters in my work as a life coach, it’s “How do I find my passion?” Maybe you’ve wondered this, too. It’s a feeling we know … read more

Getting Financial Freedom

Body+Soul | September 2005

Kate is a divorced mom living in San Francisco who wrote to me about her chronic money anxiety. “I’m always worrying about not having enough at the end of the month, saving for … read more

De-Clutter Plan

Body+Soul | April/May 2005

Choose one or more areas that need to be cleaned and organized, then dedicate the next four weeks to making space using this three-phase plan. If you’re still having problems, see Common Obstacles to Clearing Your … read more