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Week 14 – 20 ridiculously simple ways to live longer (and better)

Last week, one of my readers asked me to share my best self-care secret. Because life isn’t static and circumstances change, it’s impossible to pick one.

So I told her I’d share twenty in this week’s blog.

After spending so much time in hospitals over the last couple of years before my dad died, I’m motivated to make my health a top priority.

Hospitals can do that to people.

Here’s my list. These are the things I try to do almost every day. When I don’t, I never beat myself up, though. That would be bad self-care .

They’re ridiculously simple and they work:

Your turn. I’d love to hear one self-care habit you do every day. I may make another list for a future blog.


Video of the Week

Here’s your laugh for the day.  You can watch it, here. Thanks, Kathy!