Grace Cards

A 50-Card Deck

Dear Friends,

Grace Cards by Cheryl RichardsonI’m excited to share my new Grace Cards with you. Click here to see a few examples. There are 50 cards in each deck.

Once you have a deck of your own, you can use them in several ways. Empty them into a basket and pick a message every day. Or, when faced with a decision, close your eyes, ask a question, and choose one card for guidance and inspiration. Also, you can share the gift of grace with family, friends, and colleagues by including these cards in thank-you notes, birthday cards, holiday greetings, or any correspondence.

Here are some of the ways in which our community members have used our Self-Care Cards. Use their suggestions to now spread a little grace around the world!

  • Put a card in each bill paid to not only surprise the recipient, but to make bill paying a joyful experience.
  • Leave a card in the books borrowed from the local library.
  • Keep a box in your glove compartment and put a card on the dashboard of your car each day.
  • Give a card to the toll takers at bridges and tunnels in your community.
  • Practice a random act of kindness by leaving a card in a public restroom.
  • Leave a card under the windshield wiper of a co-worker’s car.
  • Use a card as a wedding gift/token for each guest at the reception (showers too!).
  • Hide several cards around your home (drawers, coat pockets, cabinets, etc) so when you stumble upon them, you’re not only surprised, you get the message you need in that moment.
  • Tape a small envelope to the bathroom mirror and, once a week, choose a card and leave it there to focus on its message.
  • Send a “thinking of you” note to a good friend and include a card.
  • Laminate several cards and use them as coasters (especially when visiting with your Life Makeover Groups :-)
  • Take one or more cards and include them in a Grace basket.
  • Choose one card at the beginning of the week, and keep yourself focused on its message by hanging it on your refrigerator or by putting it in your daily planner.
  • Send a card with your invoices (great for coaches or business owners who send a monthly bill).
  • Have Life Makeover Group members choose a card at random to focus on until the next meeting date.
  • Have each participant choose a card at the end of a workshop as a thank you gift.
  • Place one in your child’s backpack before going to school.
  • Hide cards before having a party or gathering and have guests go on a treasure hunt to find one. Then, have each guest talk about how the card applies to them.
  • Create a hanging mobile for your home or office.
  • Put a card in books that you give as gifts
  • Leave them with your gratuity for estheticians, nail technicians, massage therapists, hair dressers and waitstaff.
  • Slip them in your loved one’s shoes before he/she leaves for the day.

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