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The Practice Building Workshop

by Cheryl Richardson
Format: Digital Download (.M4B)

Are You Ready To Build a Thriving, Referral-Generated Practice? Rather than focus on hundreds of marketing techniques, this program will help you nail down the necessary (and smart!) steps to build and grow a successful business that reflects your unique personality and talents.

Available for immediate download.


Finding Your Passion

by Cheryl Richardson
Format: Audio Downloads

Life makeover coach Cheryl Richardson, who has been featured frequently on Oprah, brings her strategies for finding passion to this exciting and inspiring audio program.

In this audio program, Cheryl gives hands-on exercises to help you reconnect with yourself, to help you find out what things get you excited. What books, movies, or people do you find yourself drawn to? What personal challenges have you overcome? What stimulates you? What drives you nuts? These questions will start you on the “passion path of development.”

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