Self-Care Cards

A 52-Card Deck

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl RichardsonPlease note: Some of the artwork in the deck contains nudity.

Below is a list of ideas from members of our online community.

Let these cards serve as a daily reminder to take special care of your precious Self. Enjoy!

Send a free Self-Care Card to a family member or friend!

Self-care card winner Monica Martinez Byrd from Vancouver, BC, puts a card in books that she gives as gifts, leaves them in an envelope with the gratuity for estheticians, nail technicians, massage therapists and hair dressers, and slips one into her hubby’s gym shoes before he goes to work.

Anna leaves a self-care card in the books she borrows from her local library. She says: “I believe there are no coincidences and I know that the person who most needs to hear those uplifting words will intuitively be drawn to borrow the book next.”

Pamela Mitchell from Vancouver, BC, says, “There is a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so I developed a Kid’s Day. The children (my two nieces) make all the rules, choose the decor and menus, and we have it outdoors. The whole family comes and we have races, prizes, medals and trophies with Self-Care Cards for all the winners (and everyone wins). It’s a wonderful day of love, joy and self-care.”

Lori Lutze from Wisconsin keeps a box in her glove compartment and puts a card on the dashboard of her car each day. Lori has also been known to put cards under the windshield wipers of co-workers too :)

Cindy Babits from North Carolina gives a card to the toll takers at bridges and tunnels in her community.

Kelly says: “I decided to practice a random act of kindness by taping a self-care card to each stall door in the women’s bathroom at school.” Now that’s a fine way to add a little beauty to the world :)

Pam and her husband have five children and a very hectic life. Pam says that she and her husband leave self care cards under the windshield wipers of each other’s car as a way of saying “I value you and I want you to take the very best care of yourself.”

Use a self care card as a wedding gift/token for each guest at the reception (showers too!).

Hide several cards around your home (drawers, coat pockets, cabinets, etc) so when you stumble upon them you are not only surprised, you get the message you need in that moment.

Allison is a quilter who has been experimenting with scanning photos onto fabric to create “photo album” quilts. She recommends creating a self-care quilt using the cards.

Christina’s husband taped a small envelope to their bathroom mirror and once a week he chooses a card, slips it in the envelope, and invites her to focus on its message.

“I have a wonderful girlfriend who lives in another state. Each week I send her a ‘thinking of you’ note and include a self care card. It’s like sending her a big hug!”

Laminate several self care cards and use them as coasters (especially when visiting with your Life Makeover Groups :)

Take one or more cards and include them in a self-care basket. Our reader says, “Everybody (including men!) could use a pampering gift.”

Place them in a basket or glass jar and pick a self-care message every day.

Choose one card at the beginning of the week, and keep yourself focused on its message by hanging it on your refrigerator or by putting it in your daily planner.

When faced with a decision, you might shuffle the deck, center your mind, and choose one card to help guide you in the right direction.

Include a card in thank-you notes, birthday greetings, or any correspondence where you’d like to share a message of self-care.

Monthly Billing: Include a card in your monthly invoices (great for coaches or any business owner who does sends a monthly bill).

Life Makeover Groups: Have each member choose a card at random to focus on until the next meeting date.

Workshops: Have each participant choose a card at the end of the workshop as a thank you gift.

Place one in your kid’s backpack before going to school.

Hide self-care cards before having a party or gathering and have guests go on a treasure hunt to find one. Then, have each guest talk about how the card applies to them.

Put a card in each bill paid to not only surprise the recipient, but to make bill paying a joyful experience.

Create a hanging mobile for your home or office.

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