The Practice Building Workshop with Cheryl Richardson

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The Practice Building Workshop with Cheryl Richardson

Are You Ready To Build a Thriving, Referral-Generated Practice?

Rather than focus on hundreds of marketing techniques, this program will help you nail down the necessary (and smart!) steps to build and grow a successful business that reflects your unique personality and talents.

Listen to an intimate gathering with Cheryl and the workshop gang as she talks about the writing process, getting published, building a successful speaking career, and effectively working with the media, from local TV/radio to Oprah!

“After attending this weekend workshop, I knew my time and money had been well spent when I looked at my notes a month later and discovered that I had actually implemented all of the actions I’d committed to. Like any self-respecting coach, I resist anything that feels inauthentic. (Definitely not a fan of cookie-cutter marketing plans!) Completely the opposite, Cheryl masterfully provided specific, practical and realistic suggestions that allowed me to shine in a bigger way without compromising my individuality. Very soon I saw the result of my efforts as my business expanded and evolved according to my design/desires.”

Sally McCue, MCC

“The information and presence Cheryl provided at this workshop have moved me far beyond ‘the next level’ in my thinking about myself, my coaching, and my clients. Almost every day something reminds me of an exercise or insight I experienced at this workshop. What I learned is directly connected to my stepping into a niche where my practice virtually builds itself. In addition, my clients have reaped huge rewards from my having done this work.”

Mehrzad N. Araghi
Aligned Connections Consulting

In this recorded workshop, Cheryl covers three vital areas:

  1. Personal Development
    Most people focus on growing their business, but the first step in achieving success is growing you! In this section, you will:

    • Create a powerful vision for your life and your business — one that attracts success
    • Learn one of the biggest mistakes a business owner makes when marketing a business
    • Identify your unique talents, skills, and strengths so you can focus your energy in the right direction
    • Gain the confidence and courage that shouts “Competent Coach!”
Hear Cheryl’s personal vision story, written long before becoming a New York Times Bestselling Author, and see what happened!
  1. Business Development
    When your business is well organized and built on a solid foundation, you create the space for new clients to show up naturally. In this section, you will:

    • Discover the power of preparation when you learn to get (and stay!) organized
    • Eliminate anxiety about keeping track of income, expenses, and taxes by putting simple, smart systems in place
    • Learn whether or not self-employment is for you
    • Establish the rules every client must follow to get your best coaching
Cheryl shares the top three reasons behind her success!
  1. Practice Development
    If you cringe when you think about marketing your business, don’t worry. The key to success is choosing marketing methods that fit your style. In this section, you will:

    • Learn to give potential clients an experience of you and your coaching, from sharing a success story at a holiday party to building an online community
    • Develop a powerful referral network by building relationships with influential people
    • Avoid the marketing strategies that are a waste of precious time, money, and energy
Includes TWO bonus recordings! Learn the secrets to getting published, building a speaking career, and getting the media exposure you deserve!

“I was a participant in the workshop, having recently begun transitioning my therapy practice to a coaching business. I have been listening to the Practice Building Workshop audio program, and hearing the material now, a year and a half later, is really an extraordinary experience. There was so much I was just not able to take in at the time, which hearing at this point is priceless. Not only can I see how far I’ve come and how much I did take in about trusting myself and being who I am, but there are so many useful and inspiring suggestions that I am ready to hear now and they are already helping me move even further along my path. This audio program is such a gift! Thank you!”

Roberta Taylor

Also included: 2 PDF files with handouts and valuable resource list!

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